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Radial Shaft Seal Catalog

Wipers, Valve seals, V-Rings

WPC                           DKC                          LBH                           GC                            DSI
VSB1                       VSB2                       VSB3                       VSB4                        VSB5
VA                              VS                            R                               9R
WPB                            DKB                         DWI                          GA                             DKH

The wiper seal includes a support member and a body portion. The support member includes a first leg having an inner surface, a first end, and a second end. The first leg extends substantially parallel to a reference axis. A second leg having an outer surface extends substantially perpendicular to the reference axis from the first end of the first leg. The body portion defines an opening therethrough and includes an outer peripheral surface configured to receive the inner surface of the first leg of the support member, a first radial face extending substantially coplanar to the outer surface of the second leg, an inner surface disposed at an angle relative to the reference axis and extending to a lip adjacent the first radial face, and a second radial face extending generally perpendicular to the reference axis from the second end of the first leg of the support member. The first radial face includes a first cutout and the...

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