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Shaft Misalignment & PTFE Lip Seals

Radial Shaft Seal Catalog

PTFE seals have become the standard seal of choice for many applications due to its range of benefits over elastomeric seals as machinery runs faster and hotter with extended maintenance and warranty periods. Some of the benefits of PTFE are higher speed capability, lower coefficient of friction, low wear, both high and low extreme temperature capability and its inertness to most chemicals.
QRS has  PTFE Rotary shaft seals for applications ranging from large diesel engines to Racing Cars, and serve both OEM and aftermarket requirements. There are many factors to consider when designing and manufacturing a PTFE seal for a specific application. Not least is the fact that PTFE seals are generally used for HIGH duty applications, and therefore require the design and manufacture to be of the highest caliber.
We design, manufacture and test within the highest automotive quality standard, ISO-TS16949. In addition, this ensures that we offer the most cost effective solution, no matter what the application and quantities.

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