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Standard/Custom kitting is available.

From simple o-ring kits to custom kitting, QRS provides you support for all of your aftermarket sales and component assembly needs. Kitting eliminates multiple inventory items and internal procurement documents.

QRS provides part coatings at your request

QRS has the ability to  coat parts with lubricants and powders to your specification. We also have the ability to Teflon coat parts.

  • Quality Services


In house material quality inspection


QRS uses a Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two FTIR Spectrometer allows for in house material control. Making sure incoming materials are consistent from 1st article samples, 1st production and future production orders Allows for base polymer identification of unknown materials.

Scheer Tumico 9100 Video Inspection System with M3 software Measurements on all 3 axis Can measure angles, radii, diameters along with straight lines Allows for hands free measuring on elastomeric parts too flexible for calipers. Full reporting capabilities that include actual, nominal, allowable tolerances and pass/fail final results..

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Hytrel material scan

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