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Thread Seals/Fastener Seals

Bonded Seals

Thread seals have been designed

to seal the threads of machine

screws, studs, and similar items.

They are made in one piece, the

rubber sealing element being

molded into the metal retainer.

They utilize the principle of

controlled confinement of the

elastomer, permitting metal-to-metal contact of faying surfaces.


Most fluid systems have fasteners that must be sealed. We feature an elastomeric sealing element molded in place within a metal retainer (washer). Although resembling a simple o-ring groove concept, the mold in place fastener seal offers numerous advantages. Ideal for sealing small and miniature sizes


Other speciality fastener seals are also available.

High Quality Washer Seals
Thread Seal Diagram
High Quality Stat-O-Seals
Standard/Custom Stat-O-Seal

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