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Radial Shaft Seal/Oil Seal Selection Guide

Part Number Description

Quality Rubber Sourcing shaft seal part numbers are comprised of the shaft, bore and width dimensions,. These are then followed by the style or type of design. Finally there are designations for material and other design preferences.

Shaft – the diameter of the shaft where the seal will operate
Bore – the diameter of the bore where the seal will operate
Width – Actual width of the seal, or if not specified, the depth of the bore
Style – Refer to catalog pages
Lip Material- Material of sealing element, 70/75 durometer

NBR or 2 = Nitrile or Buna 70 Duro
PA = Polyacrylate
VI = FKM/Viton®
SI = Silicone
PTFE = Teflon®
4 = NBR 90 duro used for WPB & DWI designs

Other Designations

SS – Stainless steel spring
SSS - Stainless steel spring and can
C – Coated metal O.D., not painted or ground, just coated with a rust preventative
P – Painted metal O.D.
G – Ground metal O.D.
R – Used with rubber covered O.D as a separator between style and material. F.ex., TCR2 is TC style, NBR material, the ‘R’ is a place holder, R & L are also used with helix designs. An H will proceed the design for Helix, F.Ex., HTCR is TC style, right helix.

P/N example:
Inch: 10001500-250, WPBG4 = 1.000” shaft dia., 1.500” bore dia., 0.250” width, WPB
style, ground O.D., Nitrile 90 material.
Metric: 10 x 20 x 7, TCR2 = 10mm shaft dia, 20mm bore dia., 7mm width, TC style,
Nitrile material


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Radial Shaft Seals

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